Breaking records: Hot Sale 2016 raised nearly 2 million visits in 2 days

Posted on May 25, 2016

The eCommerce event organized by the Argentinian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE) exceeded the number of visits of 2015 –proving a major success. In addition, more than 200 participating companies extending the discounts during the rest of the Hot Week.

At midnight on 17 May the two-day Hot Sale event –organized by the Argentinian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE)– closed with a new record participation of 1.8 million people who entered looking for the best offers.

The section MegaOfertas, launched this year for the first time, attracted 700 thousand visitors during the event.

Outstanding Categories

Most searched products:

  • Footwear (31%)
  • Tourist packages (24%)
  • Cellphones (23%)
  • TVs (22%)

“We are very pleased; the third edition of Hot Sale was once again a success. This continues to prove that more and more people are encouraged to buy online and this is because of the high level of satisfaction that we keep achieving in this kind of events”, mentioned Gustavo Sambucetti, President of CACE.

Who bought?

Women remain the largest buyers, though men are not far behind: 54% vs. 46%.

The age range of participating users is wide, but:

  • 42% were men and women aged 25-34 years old.
  • 23% aged 35-44  
  • And 16% aged 18-24

Most used devices

Even when the desktop computer continues to be the most used device, mobile has grown significantly, proving the trend observed during the first hours of the event:

  • Desktop: 52%
  • Smartphone: 44%
  • Tablet: 4%

“From CACE, we have started gathering the data regarding orders quantity and turnover in each of the 270 participating companies and the results that we are starting to see are really good” says Diego Urfeig, Executive Director of the chamber and adds “Probably between tomorrow and Friday, we can start sharing them officially”.

The event counted with the participation of companies across the country:

  • Buenos Aires City (32%)
  • Buenos Aires Province (26%)
  • Cordoba (11%)
  • Santa Fe (9%)
  • Mendoza (4%)
  • Tucuman (3%)