Custom Software

We develop flexible products and technologic solutions specifically designed for your company.

Improve your internal and external processes by using the most suitable technology, according to your needs and those of your users’.
eCommerce intelligence, Online Marketing, Fizzmod

Ecommerce intelligence

We provide smart management of your online store, in order to strengthen your sales and improve your outreach to new and existing clients.

We design B2B and B2C strategies that will help you create a key difference in the online market.

Mobile Apps Development

The direct reach allowed by smartphones and tablets it’s an indisputable factor in today’s world.

In Fizzmod, we develop customized apps to strengthen that reach and turn it into a real business tool: iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.
Mobile Apps Development - Fizzmod

Search Engine Marketing

Improve your site traffic with Search Engine Marketing strategies specifically designed to strengthen your business objectives.

We build businesses through sponsored campaigns (SEM) in Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, and organic positioning (SEO).

Cloud Computing

Choosing the right and adequate infrastructure is one of the fundamentals for a digital project to grow.

We have vast experience in Amazon platforms (AWS), allowing us to advise you to select the one that will benefit your growth and will make it sustainable over time.
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