Fizzmod enters VTEX Magic Quadrant for second consecutive time

Posted on April 24, 2018

The agency, dedicated to the development of services, products and innovative solutions for eCommerce, was chosen by the Cloud Commerce specialized Brazilian multinational, just like in 2017.

Fizzmod was chosen again by the cloud commerce platform VTEX, to be a part of its Magic Quadrant. The origin of this tool comes from the model proposed by the consultancy firm Gartner, which had classified the abilities of their associated agencies in four teams of players: challengers or candidates, leaders, niche and visionaries.

VTEX placed Fizzmod agency in the sector of niche companies, because of its specialization in eCommerce services and its significant contribution in the previous moments and also after an online purchase.

Developed with the aim of evaluating in a qualitative manner, the magic quadrant highlights the companies that outstand in two fundamental features:

  • Good technical execution
  • Good sales execution

How did VTEX Quadrant start?

VTEX created its own quadrant to address the agencies’ request, that were looking for a way of standing out because of their efficiency in the use of the platform

“When we created the VTEX Quadrant, the methodology used was inspired by the model utilized by Gartner, where they classify the best eCommerce technology companies in the world. Thus, we have not only highlighted the most qualified companies in this ecosystem, but also we made clear and evident for clients the abilities that those agencies possess“, explains Rodolfo Alves, former VTEX managing partner.