eCommerce Awards 2014: Fizzmod got the Argentinian Best Agency award

Posted on September 19, 2014
The Buenos Aires-based company, specialized in innovative solutions for online shops, received the recognition of the jury for its work during this year.

Last September 18, a new edition of the eCommerce Awards was held in the context of the eCommerce Day 2014. Fizzmod -company dedicated to eCommerce products and services development- received for the first time the “Best eCommerce Agency in Argentina” award.

eCommerce Day is an encounter for professionals in the industry to become aware of the latest trends and success cases about the use and impact of eCommerce on the Internet, along with the possibility of interacting with more than 1020 people, predict future scenarios and generate new ideas for SMEs, companies or business ventures.

Among the activities carried out on eCommerce Day and in addition to the eCommerce Awards ceremony, the following were included:

  • High-level conferences and thematic workshops with more than 30 leading experts featuring current subjects and trends in Digital Economy.
  • Exhibit hall where different companies displayed solutions and services to enter the world of online business.
  • Special activities in the eNetworking Time and eCommerce space:

* Special sessions of the series “Talks with online business leaders”

* “Who is Here” boards

* “Who is Who” boards

  • Networking coffee breaks and lunch
  • eAfter hour

On this occasion, Fizzmod participated also as a professional consultant in the Web Doctor series where diverse companies introduce their online shops and apps to obtain advice from the different participating professionals.