#eRetailWeek 2019: a space for online business management

Posted on December 5, 2019

From December 9 to 13, a new edition of #eRetailWeek will be held in Argentina,
and Fizzmod, a company dedicated to the design and development of
innovative solutions for eCommerce, will participate as an exhibitor in the
#eShopping Experience session in which Ariel Mikowski, the agency’s Regional
Omnicommerce Manager will make a presentation.

Next Friday in GS1 offices (Fraga 1326, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires),
starting 9 a.m., the #eShopping Experience will be focused on bringing innovative
solutions to improve the online shopping experience of customers and
understanding the key points to assess the “Customer Digital Journey”.

As a representative of Fizzmod and JANIS (the back office specialized software
for eCommerce clients), Mikowski, will give a talk about in-store Picking through
the app and will show success cases regarding the topic.

#eRetailWeek is dedicated to the professionalization of retail online businesses,
consisting of a series of events designed for this purpose: eShopping, eTech,
ePayments, eAnalytics and eDelivery.

During the electronic retail week, experiences will be shared by the protagonists
and new tendencies will be debated in multiple and simultaneous plenary
sessions, as panels and businesses cases with special guests.