Fizzmod and Webimpacto join forces to develop new products through a jointventure

Posted on April 8, 2019

On both sides of the Atlantic, development and digital marketing eCommerce
experts, based in Argentina and Barcelona, team up to launch a series of innovative
solutions projects.

Looking forward to continuing its improvement and expansion,
Fizzmod Company –founded in 2009 in the city of Buenos Aires and with large
influence across Latin America, decided this year –on its tenth anniversary– to jump
to the European continent and join forces with eCommerce and Digital Marketing
agency Webimpacto to jointly develop groundbreaking products for European and
Latin American markets.

Fizzmod has consolidated as a company specialized in the eCommerce Services
and Products development and implementation in an innovative and creative
way, focusing the implementations in Saas technologies as VTEX, and also
developing products designed to solve the most frequent hassles for the sector.

“Through the best management, design and development practices, we seek diverse
alternatives to position and strengthen all types of businesses across the web,
prioritizing creativity, technological advances and continuous process’
improvement through the ongoing training of our partners and contributors”, asserts
Francisco Mato, director of Fizzmod.

“We don’t only design and implement the stores or connect the different systems for
the client: over more than 10 years experience in the world that’s behind what you
see, we decided to go for specific solutions for the operations involved in
management, preparation of orders through multiple sales channels, logistics and
customer service, all which are key pillars of the final experience our clients offer”,
adds the agency’s leader.

On the other hand, Webimpacto is a company specialized in digital environments
consultancy, specially eCommerce and apps. Webimpacto has consolidated as

an expert in the subject, apart from being in full expansion with the opening of this
international branch in South America, hand in hand with Fizzmod.

One of Webimpacto’s great strengths is the use and domain of key tools, such as
Prestashop and VTEX, in which they are pioneers.

“Webimpacto’s cornerstones lie in the experience (with highly qualified
professionals), customized own-solutions (in other words, working in the digital
channel for multiple sectors and types of companies allows as to know which
solutions, available strategies and tactics would work in each particular case) and
100% customer service-orientation, with a commitment of service, quality and
work that looks out for their interests”, states David Rodríguez, CEO and founder of

Streamlining their clients’ business models is among the main advantages and
solutions that Webimpacto offers. Indeed, the company-client relationship is the
firm’s high added value, since –through a personalized service and collaborative
efforts– they strive to construct the best eCommerce solutions tailored to each
client’s needs.

With this, both Fizzmod and Webimpacto start what will be, undoubtedly, an
important partnership that will provide a great added value to both continents and
to each of the companies’ clients.