Year In Review: Fizzmod 2O19

Posted on November 27, 2019

This year we achieved a lot of things… So many, that they are worth
sharing! As our company turned ten years old, we opened new
areas, branches and markets, we incorporated new work
methodologies and we took an important step in the programming
training of youth with the launch of our school, among other key
milestones. Find out the details of the most important moments of the

year in this article.

1) Creation of New Areas in the Company

By the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, the agency recognized
the need of creating new areas and working spaces (such as
Communication and Marketing, Infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence),
hand in hand with a significant growth in the client and projects
portfolio, in addition to its expansion through Latin America and Europe.

2) New Branch in Spain

At the beginning of this year, the firm landed in the European market
laying foundation in Barcelona, Spain, where the chain of supermarkets
Ametller Origen started to operate with JANIS software.

3) Launching of Fizzmod’s School of Programming

With the first #DesaFizzmod in February, the agency opened its doors
to young people interested in the IT sector for them to take their first
steps in the market, offering them free training on Node.JS in the city
branch of IT Education. After that, the 7 students with the best
performance were hired by the company.

4) New Branch in Cordoba

This year, the company decided to settle in another important city in the
country with a view to engage new talents in the region: Cordoba
Capital. Team members and contributors travelled there to start up the
new branch, which joins the already existing offices in Buenos Aires
and Santiago de Chile.

5) Sponsor in the first VTEX Training Day in Argentina

For the first time Argentina, VTEX gave a training session for
eCommerce professionals, in which Fizzmod participated with a stand
to make their products and services known.

6) VTEX Day Partner

For the sixth consecutive year, Fizzmod participated in VTEX Day, the
most important technology event in Latin America devoted to
eCommerce. On May 30 and 31 in Sao Paulo, a different edition of this
big event took place, with the participation of the former American
President Barack Obama as a moderator.

7) Market Opening in Central America: Honduras, Panama and

Fizzmod expanded operations to Central America, adding up clients in
countries as Honduras, Panama and Guatemala with their back office
product, JANIS.

8) Second #DesaFizzmod Training

By midyear, Fizzmod launched the second edition of the programming
school, inviting trainees to learn about React y Javascript languages.
Once the course finished the alumni were able to get positions in the

9) Tenth Anniversary of Fizzmod

The agency turned 10 on August 2, 2019, surpassing 50 employees and
with two new branches (Cordoba and Barcelona).

10) Finalist in eCommerce Awards 2019 (Chile, Argentina and

Fizzmod became a finalist for Best eCommerce Agency in the three
countries, like many other years, positioning once more as one of the
leading eCommerce agencies in Latin America.

11) New Working Methodologies

By the last quarter of the year, the company started working with new
methodologies, related with the division of tasks and teams. The aim of
this restructuring is mainly focused on the way of working, the timing
and generating a better communication between all parts of the team.

12) MeLi Certification

MercadoLibre certified the back office tool JANIS as the recommended
application by the platform. With this, the Fizzmod product was officially
published in MercadoLibre official Store in the category Sales
Management, recommended to process the orders, since they are
generated and delivered to the client.