Fizzmod at the fifth edition of eCommerce Day in Uruguay

Posted on August 5, 2016
On 4 August, the number five edition of eCommerce Day was held in Montevideo. The event gathered more than 900 professionals in the industry, who debated about the future of eCommerce in Uruguay and the region.

A new eCommerce Day brought together personalities from the electronic commerce industry. The session is an initiative of the eCommerce Institute and was organized locally by the Digital Economy Chamber of Uruguay.

Fizzmod, agency that develops products and services for eCommerce, participated once again as an exhibitor. Francisco Mato, agency’s Director, emphasized on the main strategies to follow for those businesses who want to take their first steps in online sales. “First of all, they should keep in mind the sale subjects and user experience, order preparation, logistics and delivery method, and customer service.”

“We are currently living a ‘second eCommerce revolution’, in which the ubiquity of consumers, marketplaces and multi-devices bring new opportunities and challenges to the trade of goods and services”, said Marcos Pueyrredón, President of the eCommerce Institute, who also stressed that eCommerce –as we know it today- will come to an end in the next five years as a result of the fusion between traditional and electronic trade, thus making way to an omnicommerce tendency as an ineluctable scenario.  

As for Marcelo Montado, president of CEDU -Digital Economy Chamber of Uruguay-, he highlighted the importance of this electronic commerce ‘gigantic development’ being in line with an economic downturn and consumption slowdown. “Although we aren’t going through the best economic times, the consumers’ behavior will continue to change. When this situation be reversed, consumers will turn to online and we have to be prepared”, he said.