¡Get trained at Fizzmod and become part of our team!

Posted on January 24, 2019


We are a company dedicated to the developing of groundbreaking products and services for eCommerce, and we are waiting for you to join our staff!

Are you ready?

At Fizzmod we have a unique training and job offer for you. Our company, located in the traditional neighborhood of Palermo, will launch –on February 25– its free training course at IT Education centre (Lavalle 648, CABA), with special focus on NodeJS technology.

This course will be available for those who pass a test of knowledge and skills through this link, and it is oriented to those who wish to professionalize in programming and participate for the chance to become part of our development team.

This challenge means a great opportunity for those interested in growing and develop in our company, of multinational range specialized in eCommerce. At Fizzmod we work with the latest technology available in the market and towards constant innovation.

The course consists of 12 lessons at evening shift, 3 days a week, with a total duration of one month.

After the training we will choose a number of profiles to start working with us in an effective way and enjoy the numerous available benefits for employees, such as one day a week of home office, flexible working hours, high level health insurance and in-company language lessons, among other.

¡We are waiting for you to join the project! Follow us on this venture and learn about a world of creative solutions at Fizzmod.