JANIS expands its horizons with MercadoLibre

Posted on January 22, 2019

Fizzmod, eCommerce services and products development agency, launched a new and important functionality of the backend tool JANIS.

Fizzmod, company that develops innovative products and services for eCommerce, is proud to announce that –since 7 January 2019– JANIS works natively integrated with MercadoLibre to be able to process this channel’s sales with all the backoffice tools –OMS, Picking, Logistics and Customer Service).

This allows to operate the different sales channels jointly, such as the online shop, the orders at the physical store that need to be integrated to the logistic processes from the company (for example, delivery) and MercadoLibre shop, among others. Thus, the backoffice tool is now set to work with diverse platforms.

“This integration contributes to the growth and progress of the company, because it will help JANIS expand to new markets, collaborating with our clients in the improvement of the operation with the different tools of SaaS”, affirms Lic. Francisco Mato, Director of Fizzmod.

The incorporation of MercadoLibre within the native integrations, apart from VTEX, opens the door to all the sales systems and channels, since in this latest update there were also generic APIs included –which allow to integrate the software with any platform in the market.

This step contributes, both for JANIS and for Fizzmod, one the most important actives to the expansion of the software in the markets across America and Europe, the company’s main targets for 2019.