Hot Sale Argentina 2015: results show a significant growth of eCommerce

Posted on May 18, 2015

A new edition of Hot Sale was carried out in Argentina during the weekend of 16 and 17 May and was extended until Friday the 22nd, with encouraging sales figures for participating companies. The initiative, organized by the Argentinian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), started at midnight on Friday 15, reaching an online traffic of more than 22,000 simultaneous visits to the official website.

“We trust that this type of actions are very positive to boost the eCommerce growth in our country and that more clients would benefit from this initiative and leverage their potential”, said Gustavo Sambucetti, President of CACE.

For its part, the agency that develops products and services for eCommerce, Fizzmod, shared some insights about this Hot Sale second edition of the year, which has brought great expectation of a promising future for the industry.

“Last year it was a boom at the beginning and then it slowed down. This year, on the contrary, it started smoothly; people saw that there was a broad variety of supply and that it wasn’t selling out quickly. So the sales process was a lot more gradual”, said Francisco Mato, Fizzmod Director.  

His colleague, Lisandro Aubert, IT manager, provided data regarding the technical work of the agency, strategic partner of Brazilian VTEX Cloud Commerce specialist: “We’ve been working together with them for 3 years. We know the platform quite well; we rely on it and we develop everything related to backend and frontend integrations and design”.

“Our job consists on improving the navigability and usability of sites for the purchase to be much easier and pleasant for users. At the same time, we must adapt them to be able to support the overload in logistic processes, orders and invoicing, among others”, says Mato.

And he adds: “We evaluate each site sales monthly and find out that they grow. eCommerce itself is gradually hiking”.

About the results of this Hot Sale edition particularly, Aubert said: “At midnight on Friday everybody entered the online shops, which luckily did not go down. Everything turned out perfect. Later, we started having trouble with the orders landing because there were too many sales in too little time, but we could solve it shortly”.


According to the report by CACE, the discount breakdown during the Hot Sale days, by line of business, was:

  • Food and beverages: 29%
  • Automotive: 18%
  • Babies, games and toys: 23%
  • Cosmetics and beauty: 10%
  • Sports and fitness: 26%
  • Electronics and technology: 22%
  • Entertainment: 38%
  • Clothing and footwear: 24%
  • Books and education : 25%
  • Home, decoration and furniture: 19%
  • Travel: 10%
  • Miscellaneous: 13%

Average discount percentage: 21%

Payment methods

  • Credit card (93%)
  • Cash (4%)
  • Other means of payment 3% (Pagomiscuentas, Linkpagos and wire transfer).

Best-selling products

A study conducted by TNS Argentina found that the most demanded products were:

  • Clothing and footwear (44%)
  • Household appliances (23%)
  • Technology (22%)

Level of satisfaction

88% of buyers surveyed said that they were satisfied with their purchases during the Hot Sale. In this regard, Diego Urfeig, CACE Executive Director, stated: “sales this week reached a total of 909.046 orders” and he added: “from the total shoppers, 8% made their first online transaction during the Hot Sale”.

Incentives for the purchases

According to the survey, the reasons that drove the purchase decisions were:

  • Benefits and discounts (58%)
  • Cheap prices (52%)


The figures obtained during the Hot Sale revealed that:

  • 45% of shoppers chose their products through their smartphone
  • 45% did it from a desktop computer
  • 41% through their laptops
  • 20% from a tablet

However, at the time of effectively making the purchase, users’ behavior was different:

  • 48% chose purchasing from their desktop computers
  • 40% used their laptops
  • 14% made it from smartphones
  • 7%, through tablets

The information was collected by TNS Argentina, based on online interviews done to sample buyers during Hot Sale 2015.

I think that CyberMonday last year showed a positive break in the trend of these online discounts events. This year we got much more ready and worked on the hustles of the system. The experience with the clients was very good; we keep on debating and bringing opinions to the table. We had some doubts regarding how the users were going to behave, being the event at the weekend. But the feedback and results have been very good in general”, concluded Fizzmod’s Creative Director.