Hot Sale Argentina 2017: new sales’ records and surprising success of groceries category

Posted on May 20, 2017

A new edition of Hot Sale was held across the South-American country, with results going far beyond the ones obtained in previous years.

This year, the discounts event Hot Sale depicted what is currently happening with consumption in Argentina. Travel and Tourism is still one of the five categories with the highest turnover, although it is not among the top five most searched products, as occurred in previous editions.

The offers, which averaged a 27.6%, contributed to the $3.446 million turnover, 33% more inter-annual, through more than 1,2 million orders.

The initial estimation was 1,1 million transactions, that is to say, a 10% growth over the million sales recorded in 2016, according to Kantar TNS report done for the Argentinian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE).

Groceries growth among eCommerce

The average receipt for groceries was $1.651 (net of taxes), according to an initial study conducted by CACE.

The “most-in-demand” categories, as per CACE, were:

  1. Food and beverages
  2. Sportive and non-sportive footwear
  3. Clothing
  4. Small appliances
  5. Televisions

Greater provincial and regional participation

According to the mentioned results, 42% of the visits were registered from users within the ‘interior’ of the country. Córdoba, Santa Fe and Mendoza leaded the searches for offers. This is the first edition in which participation from outside Buenos Aires province exceeds 900.000 users.

“Córdoba represents the 11.9% of the visits in this event and that is very positive, since it shows the work done by the Comission to encourage the companies to join electronic commerce” said Mateo Navarra, Director of CACE Central.

“The conclusion drawn from this event is the great potential that our region has.  Each time more users are encouraged to search for offers and buy. We will continue working together with local companie to keep on growing in the upcoming events” added Pablo Arias, member of CACE Litoral Comission.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Analyzing only the visits registered in the ‘interior’ of the country, the searches done through desktop computers outnumber mobile and tablets. Most of the searches were done by users between 25 and 35 years of age and women are still leading 55.1% vs. men 44.9%.

“Year by year the eCommerce expands across the country and we overcome the different challenges posed. The mCommerce is one of them and this is the first time that mobile becomes relevant over desktop regarding visits to online sales sites. The results across the country reflect that there’s a lot to work with yet to grow into “mobile friendly” companies and we are heading our strategy that way”, explained Diego Urfeig, CACE Executive Director.