Mobile Commerce Day 2017: when smartphones play a leading role

Posted on September 10, 2017

The event, organized by the Argentinian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), enabled professionals from the digital world to learn about the latest trends and ideal mobile strategies to help grow their businesses. Fizzmod took part in the team of exhibitors who shared their experiences and knowledge of the market.

Mobile Commerce Day, a session oriented to specialists in online stores, was held on September 7 from 8.45 a.m. at Digital House office.

The meeting focused on different mobile approaches to attract new public, accelerate business and procure that users have effective purchase experiences through mobile devices.

Fizzmod, eCommerce services and products oriented agency, participated on the event’s agenda with a special conference given by its Director Francisco Mato.

Some of the most relevant topics featured during the meeting were Market Metrics, Searching Trends Evolution and Google Mobile Solutions Navigation, Online Sales Strategies, Mobile Commerce Best Practices, Mobile Commerce’s Future and New Technologies applied to Retail World.