VTEX Day 2018: all the industry news in one place

Posted on May 17, 2018
The sixth edition of the event launched by the multinational Brazilian company VTEX was held in Sao Paulo city. Fizzmod was there once again with a conference dedicated to the industry.

A new edition of VTEX Day, the largest event dedicated to multi-channel retail sales in Latin America, was held on May 14 and 15. VTEX Day is one of the five major worldwide eCommerce Spanish and Portuguese-speaking events

With 14 areas specially designed to simultaneously address different Electronic Commerce related topics, VTEX Day counted with more than 150 Brazilian and foreign speakers and exhibitors who discussed about sustainability in the sector among other major issues of interest.  

Additionally, the encounter offered an exhibition area with the leading providers and specialists in the market, among which Fizzmod agency –dedicated to provide innovative eCommerce services and products– was present.

The company, strategic partner of VTEX, gave a presentation about Janis, their BackOffice tool and star product. Janis plays a key role in the electronic sales circuit, specifically between and right after the transaction, managing the process from the placing of the order to the hands of the consumer or handling the inverse logistics service –if a product is returned– and after-sales services.

In this opportunity, the presentation delved into success cases within the company in optimization of order preparation and shipment flows, apart from presenting other original resources like JANIS In-Store, a management tool for physical sales points, and JANIS Logistics, which allows to organize the delivery routing,    optimizing the itinerary and circuits with real-time traffic estimates.