Exclusive interview for El Mercurio: Comprehensive solutions optimize the eCommerce market

Posted on April 24, 2018

With innovative developments, Fizzmod Company seeks to solve complex situations within the digital commerce processes, as well as among the synergy of traditional and online channels, characteristic of a modern company.

The agency, specialized in the eCommerce market, was founded in 2009 in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the idea of providing a comprehensive service, meaning covering every process, from the visual to logistics.

Francisco Mato and Lisandro Aubert, directors and founders of Fizzmod, say that from its beginnings, the company made its mark by its distinguished capability of complex situation solving. “This led us, almost naturally, to think in developing software that could fix this type of complexities not only frequent in the eCommerce market, but also in the synergy among the traditional and online channels, since they are inherent nowadays to the brand concept”, says Mato.

Innovate, always

Aubert explains that in 2015 Fizzmod opened a branch in Chile and became one of the models of the local market, working with renowned brands. “Today, the company, traditionally an eCommerce services developer, also has a department of products among which JANIS stands out –a specialized back-office, ideal supplement for stores that helps accelerate processes and improves the online and offline orders’ follow-up in different platforms”, he says.

He adds that JANIS is being used in different Latin American countries, as well as it’s giving the first steps in the European market, especially in the supermarket field where the software gains great potential  for its comprehensive coverage –from beginning to end- of all the sales processes from order preparation and supervision, auditing, internal and external logistics to customer services, among other.

“This software has been growing by leaps and bounds –just over three years- and aims to become one of the relevant products as a supplement to online store”, Aubert affirms.

Facing the continuous development of groundbreaking solutions and innovations for the market, Francisco Mato says that they try to go beyond expectation, which implies taking certain risks in a somehow natural way. “This is fundamental in the concept of innovation and digital transformation of enterprises. We are committed to improve each time and try and test alternatives to optimize what might seem already established to the naked eye”, he says.

Experience in the market

This year, Fizzmod will actively participate in the eCommerce Day event as a sponsor and, at the same time, Francisco Mato will conduct talks on how to define companies’ end-to-end processes, based on his acquired experience not only because of the company’s ten-year-presence in the market, but also as a specialized software developer for this type of operations, that have already been implemented in more than 50 online stores and 8 online supermarkets.

“Sometimes I hear that the online store is one more branch, open 24 hours. Although this is technically incorrect, over the years and the experience gained we have moved away from that concept. While it is a store that does not close its doors, the processes involved in the indexing, marketing, sale and delivery of products change substantially and, at the same time, converge and must cohabit with the traditional processes of physical channels”, explains Mato.

For that matter, Fizzmod’s director says they seek to transfer all their working experience dedicated to guide companies in their right path to change, in the systems to choose, the architecture of the different processes involved and, of course, the user’s experience (UI/UX) which is to the customer’s eyes a critical point of the operation. “We focus on this, seeking to simplify whenever possible, without falling into the mistake of economizing on one side and loading of work on the other. Simplifying, not more than the necessary”, assures Francisco Mato.

The specialist highlights that with the optimization of companies’ internal processes –especially those where JANIS was implemented as a back-office supplement for stores- have achieved reductions of 25% of 40% in operating times and routine administrative processes. “This has allowed companies to focus in the right things, such as, improving the supply rather than time-consuming manual actions that aren’t productive. We are doing the same now in logistics, offering complete traceability and real time order status in any of its preparation phases, as well as with the shipment, being able to follow the deliveries in real time”, he emphasizes.

Finally, he comments that traceability, precisely, is what allows them to find the parts of the processes in which there can be drawbacks, being able to mitigate them. “In this same regard, we are giving our first steps in artificial intelligence, using the billions of daily data generated by these operations to find alternatives and improvement possibilities by means of cognitive learning and predictive analytics. We believe a great opportunity for improvement lies there, not only aiming end customers but as an introspective look for each company”, he concludes.